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For many, the area of dynamic pricing is new and in particular the use of a software in this context is unfamiliar. That is why we are always confronted with more or less the same questions on the subject. In this post and in all the following 'RateBoard Questionnaire' we answer the most important questions.

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How does the software solution work?

'Our software is a cloud software solution, which means you do not have to install anything locally on your computer, but you get access data from us which you can use to login.  the benefits of the cloud solution are that you can access it from anywhere and not have to worry about updates as soon as we improve the software for you or add features, they are directly available to you.'

Berthold Agreiter, CTO


What happens to the data, for example, from my PMS? Who has access to it?

The issue of data security is nowadays one of the big issues and, of cours, in the case of a Big Data solution. The security of your data is very important to us! Our Software is built to the highest security standards and all transmissions are encrypted. We do not provide any data that you provide to us, such as your PMS, to third parties, and only you can view the data in your RateBoard application.'

Matthias Trenkwalder, CEO & Co-Founder


Is there the possibility to test RateBoard?

'Yes, there is, because we want you to be very familiar with the software before you decide to use it. After you have gotten an introduction the the application of the software and all interfaces (for example to your PMS), you have the option to test RateBoard 30 days for free and familiarize  yourself with the application. Then you can decide if you want to use RateBoard.'

Simon Falkensteiner, CEO & Co-Founder


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