The next generation RateBoard!

After working on the last few days and nights, I am really happy to announce: RateBoard version 2 is ready and running!

Screenshot of RateBoard Dashboard

"I myself attach importance on simple design and user experience. That's why it is also a personal concern to publish this news here in the blog". Simon Falkensteiner, CEO RateBoard.

After we have been working on it for a long time, and we have spent many hours trying to find the best solutions, we have succeeded. A new generation of RateBoard has been created!

The new calendar is clearer and contains more additional informations. The new Dashboard lets each user decide which key figures he would like to have at a glance (also via the smartphone). Thus, RateBoard version 2 provides more flexibility than version 1 but still keeps simple in handling.

It is still one of our priorities to create a software that not only benefits but also makes fun to work with. We do not only want to offer a product which is a piece of software, but one with which one likes to work and become addicted to.

We believe that we reached our goal.

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