Revenue Management - this should be something for everyone!

Major international hotel chains like Marriott or the Starwood Group are experts in revenue management - but what about small hotels that do not have the resources of a multinational corporation?

When dealing with revenue management, one often encounters the professional image of the Revenue Manager. He is working full-time with the income strategy and works closely with the hotel manger and the sales team - at least or large hotel chains. In the case of individual hotels or smaller hotel chains, all of these tasks often fall back to one or two people, rather than to a large team.

Due to these circumstances, it is not easy to adopt the standards of the large hotel chains one by one. The lack of resources often leads to the wrong conclusions being drawn, as in this example of Viennese hotels. Kohl & Partner warn against a one-sided low-price policy here, and our experience has shown that a lot of people mix up price dumping with a revenue management strategy.

At RateBoard, we have devoted ourselves to solving this issue and want to allow operators of individual hotels or smaller hotel chains access to effective and professional revenue management.

In doing so, we rely on our cloud-based software, which analyzes the most important hotel data (for example from the PMS) and provides warnings in case of unusual deviations. Based on these data, intelligent price recommendations are calculated, which can be transferred directly to different booking channels.

In addition, our Revenue Managers provide advice and provide individual support for the development and implementation of the earnings strategy.

Through this combination we offer a complete revenue management service and achieve sales increases of 5-20%. We think a professional solution in this area should be available for every hotelier.

If you would like to benefit from this as well, just contact us!

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